Seeds of Change

March 24, 2009


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Join us in collecting, documenting, interlinking, combining the ‘best & brightest’ for a new learning culture.

It is time to disseminate and replicate good practices for the world of tomorrow. Please read —> ABOUT SEEDS, and have a quick look at some very short examples. Please share yours here, so we can advance replication of good practices internationally, and promote the evolving resource network of visionary innovators and practitioners.

We are co-laborating with a variety of media partners and UN DESD projects in the Americas and Europe, specialising in lively documentation of change initiatives. You are most welcome to join this network!

Sharing your seeds with us is easy: Send us an email with reference to a good text, website and images to

March 29, 2009

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Wilhelm Schole

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Marilyn Wilhelm’s education philosophy is based on a holistic approach to all forms of knowledge. The arts, sciences, and humanities are woven together and related to a universal system of values, which embodies an understanding of the underlying Truth and Unity of all spiritual and intellectual traditions. It aims at creating a unified vision of the world in which we live.

The Wilhelm curriculum inculcates a deep-seated unity of conscience and brings about change and transformation. Marilyn’s ‘balanced thinking’ and ‘golden rule’ paint a pattern and process of Reason which includes fundamental, universal principles from every age, culture, and language.

Marilyn’s school is a unique and creative place of joy and play, mind and spirit, history and art, harmony, and learning in a big family.

“The foundation of the Wilhelm Scholê curriculum is based on the history of civilization, which entails a complete involvement in the arts as well as the humanities and sciences, for the arts are that incessant spiritual activity which provide an insight into mankind’s history – real history – of what we have sensed and felt and imagined and dreamed and idealized and loved…”

Marily was just invited for the United Nations Environment Day to give a lecture called Dances of Enlightenment. Have a look (Invitation2Naples).

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