Seeds of Change


Seeds of Change was part of the Viewsletter (PDF) of the Club of Budapest in the 90ies. The idea was to present Members work as a lasting contribution bridging the exact and fine arts and sciences. We started with contributions of invited members of the Club of Budapest and contributions from the field of Learning and Education, and moved on to other member activities areas.

The idea of this page is to not only revisit the higlighted “seeds of change” from years ago and see what happened to these impulses. Did they have survived, caried fruits and developed or evolved over the years?

Helpful is the realization that seeds need fertile grounds, the right time and climate and that we care for proven and rich seeds, instead of reinventing the “wheel” and forget the nuggets of old “thinking” and experienced and proven practice.

The discussion of old and new thinking is very relevant here, maybe visit:

On the occation of UNESCOs United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
we felt that such summits, gatherings, congresses are singular, bring forward interesting activities and good practices, but like a catalytic “flash” it is one day stance with little or no follow up and so much richness and diversity, strength to put intitiatives to practices that matter is often waisted, as there is no quality and permanence to secure that good seeds get a chance to grow.  We therefore want to give an exammple that seeds could be added here, can be revisited and gain attention when people vote and promote backed by their expereince if presented concepts and projects are seen as genuin and helpful. We hope to add here the metaphor of resilient and fermented maimeutic change, difference that are cared for and matter in the long run.

The pages are also about emergence and richness, variety and varubilty – as not all seed can grow and bear fruits at the same time, and seasons and times in different cultures need to be observed ! We therefor started this campaign at EarthDay at Equinox with ringing the Peace Bell, talling to the 94 years old founder of Earth Day, and doing ourt first roundtable in Vienna in this ongoing campaign.  We will report and add pages – so please come back later.

It is not only the richness and variability of seeds of changes we are looking for, but how this is understood and appreciated in our education and lifelong learning. So we “played with the concept of  “many”, did 100001 diversities, 1001 dialogues, 10001 seeds to focus on certain occasions and audiences. Maybe vistit our Dialog exercises here:

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